Food and Beverage Services

Food and Beverage Services

The Food & Beverage Service program is composed of four learning blocks that focus on the essentials of drink preparation, drink repertoire, service and maintenance of the bar and production of high-volume drinks for events. The program provides the students the basic knowledge on the Food and Beverage industry and its organization. MIHCA provides an actual operational set-up of a fine dining restaurant that serves as their classroom which provides first hand exposure to the different dining techniques and sanitation procedures. It is an all-student-run restaurant which allows students to provide guests with service and food straight from MIHCA’s kitchen. The bar service laboratory is a learning area complete with wines and spirits for cocktail and mocktail mixing and flairtending.


  1. Training kit
  2. Training Supplies
  3. Uniforms
  4. Student ID
  5. Use of Facilities
  6. Professional Instructors
  7. Insurance
  8. Graduation Preparations
  9. Certifications



  • 1 month free English Course
  • 3 months training inclusive of 180 hours internal OJT
  • 6 months external OJT
    Monday-Friday; Six (6) hours a day

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